Civil Society-led Review of Ireland’s OGP Process and Action Plan

Ireland is one of eight countries taking part in a pilot civil society-led review of the OGP plan and process. This review tool is designed to support the objective and comparable analysis of National Action Plans from a civil society perspective.

It will assess the openness of the process of developing a country’s National Action Plan (i.e. the degree of transparency, participation and accountability), as well as the quality and ambition of commitments. It is intended to be used within countries before and during the formulation of an action plan as an advocacy tool to support the development of a dialogue and partnership process between government and civil society. Results from across countries will be used to inform the improvement of the overall OGP mechanism.

This pilot aims to compliment the work of OGP’s existing Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM). The IRM produces biannual independent progress reports for each country participating in OGP. These progress reports assess governments on the development and implementation of OGP action plans. They also make technical recommendations for improvements. These reports are intended to stimulate dialogue and promote accountability between member governments and citizens.  Read more about IRM.

The other countries participating in this innovative pilot are: Argentina, Columbia, Georgia, Guatemala, Kenya, Romania and Spain.

This tool is a civil society project initiated by the independent civil society coordinator – see

Here is the review document in PDF: NAPReview-Pilot

Civil Society-led Review of Ireland’s OGP Process and Action Plan